About Shop Heirs

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Shop Heirs is a place for consumers to shop and blog and a marketplace for small businesses and or organizations to display their goods and services.  

Bloggers can shop our mall for books, car rentals, cookware, clothing, electronics, flights, outerwear, and tablets. Product and service reviews are welcome.

Buy a blog page for $28 per year (includes photo(s)/logo, 30 word description, payment link, and business link). Blog pages increase online visibility and brand recognition.

  • Webpages can display company brochures, up to four (4) documents, and two links and or payment or donation buttons/links.
  • Webpages include one (1) company logo and up to two (2) pictures (JPEG files etc)

Email: heirsskymall@gmail.com or meredithcmcgee@gmail.com to obtain a link agreement.

The website content of entities desiring to link in Heirsskymallcom is reviewed by a Screening Committee and must be both moral and legal in nature.

Shop Heirs (shopheirs.com) is affiliated with HeirsSkymallcom Inc, an S Corporation, which was established March 11, 2008 by six members of Heirs United Investment Club to serve as a resource to small businesses seeking to promote their goods and services online.

To date, the company is owned by 15 shareholders. Common stock can be purchased online for a low offering price of $4.98 per sharehttps://shopheirs.com/buy-shop-heirs-stock/

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