Community Library Mississippi

The Community Library Initiative was renamed Community Library Mississippi. The organization filed Articles of Incorporation as a non-profit corporation in Mississippi, March 21, 2019. The organization obtained its non-profit status as a public charity June 17, 2019.


  1. Learning Tree Book Club (2018)
  2. Book Toasters (2018)
  3. Jackson Book Festival (2018 – Poetry contest – original poems)
  4. Reading Fairs (2018)
  5. Community Speaking Series (2019)
  6. Book Toaster’s Speaking Series (2019)
  7. Local History Speaker’s Series (2019) DONATE… Paypal Giving Fund via Community Library Mississippi, a public charity, leading “An Intellectual Revolution.”


  1. My First Book Series (six primer books – ages 3 to 6)
  2. My Picture Dictionary (picture dictionary ages 3 to 7) My Picture Dictionary hardback book Barnes & Noble online $16.78 order My Picture Dictionary softcover full color $14.98 Amazon eBook $3.44

News update May 23, 2020
New: My Picture Dictionary $5.98 black & white interior economy priced
Learning Tree Book Club members visiting the Old Capitol Museum in July of 2018
Meredith C. McGee coaching Learning Tree visitor at the Jackson Medical Mall

Author/Publisher Meredith Coleman McGee, a Community Library Initiative Board of Trustees’ member, created a Go Fund Me page to raise funds for the Community Library Initiative. page is closed. Funds were used for administration and formations costs.

Funds are used to provide reference books to public school children to boost literacy My Picture Dictionary softcover, full color, 70 pages.

My Picture Dictionary

Heirsskymallcom Inc  via c/o Hazel Hall temporarily collected funds for the Community Library Initiative. please complete our * * SURVEY

Community Library Mississippi, Jackson, MS; My Picture Dictionary; My First Book Series; Book Toasters; Jackson Book Festival; Local History Speaking Series My First Book Series $11.98 sale price
Learning Tree Book Club meeting, Jackson Medical Mall, 1st Sat. Dec. 7, 2020


  1. I saw a parent in the mall last night and invited her to download the “My first 1 ot 5 activity book” for her son. I told her the book will get him to write down his home address, teach him his first five numbers in Spanish, and allow him to color as he learns. She smiled and told me, “That’s what he needs at home.”

    Meredith Coleman McGee, Community Library Initiative, Board Trustee


  2. I met a young mother in Jackson, Mississippi in front of Boost Mobile Saturday who said she reads to her two year old child. Awesome! because reading to babies offers multiple benefits to them.


    1. Help us collect 1,000 surveys. We have 300 surveys/questionnaires; we need 700 more. It only takes three minutes to complete a survey online. The data is helping us determine the household library needs of families living in the Jackson Metropolitan area.


  3. I tried the “My 1 to 5 Activity Book” and “My A to G Activity Book” for my 4 and 5 year and they loved it. They both sign the Mississippi Song every day. They even learned our home address.

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  4. The board completed all six volumes for the My First Book Series before Christmas. One goal accomplished.

    My First Book Series

    My 1 to 5 Activity Book Vol. 1
    My A to G Activity Book Vol. 2
    My H to P Activity Book Vol. 3
    My 10 to 100 Activity Book Vol. 4
    My 2 to 24 Activity Book Vol. 5
    My Q to Z Activity Book Vol. 6


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