Meredith Coleman McGee and Hazel Hall holding a quilty made by Hazel Hall

LEFT PHOTO: Meredith C. McGee and Hazel Hall holding a baby quilt.

Amerikan Quilts is training a new generation to produce and market quilts; their dream is to market quilts commercially.

The production of quilts can develop factory jobs for Mississippians.

Quilting was practiced thousands of years ago in Africa before the Transatlantic Slave Trade. Originally, men made quilts. After Africans were transported to the Americas, African women took up the art of quilting and incorporated American and European themes into this art form.

Hazel Janell Meredith founded Amerikan Quilts. She is now 78 years and she is the last quilter in her family. She is teaching youth the art of quilting. Her goal is to train enough people to produce quilts commercially.

This group has sewing machines, fabric, scissors and other supplies. Many beautiful quilts including baby quilts, and tote bags have been produces thus far. 

To turn this small operation into a full scale commercial factory, the quilters need a Long Arm Quilting machine and funds to pay participants a stipend.

Help create a guilting factory, jobs, and pass the art of quilting to a new generation.

Make a donation now. 

Help Amerikan Quilts keep an ancient art form alive and to create jobs at the same time. donate now!

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