Typing Solutions Résumés & Etc

TSRE Logo 2015

Typing Solutions Résumés & Etc is a typing, résumé, writing, and small business consulting service located in Jackson, Mississippi.

Writers prepare professional résumés, cover letters, business and marketing plans, book proposals, query letters, appeal letters, and editorial services including manuscript assistance. We can draft bylaws, articles of incorporation and more. We type deeds, wills, letters and more. Legal documents are typed “as is.”

The company reached its 15th year of service milestone January 3, 2019 (01/03/2003-01/03/2019).

For additional information visit the company’s website www.typingsolutions.biz. Please Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/typingsolutions.

McGee is the publisher and acquisition editor of Meredith Etc, a small press. Visit www.meredithetc.com to check out the books on the site; the company seeks to assist novus writers get their manuscripts into print. The company generally publishes memoirs, biographies, books of poetry, or short story anthologies. Other genres are accepted on a case by case basis.

paypal.me/typingsolutions— PayPal.Me/typingsolutions/90 $90.00. CLICK ON LINK TO PAY

Meredith Coleman McGee is also the publisher of Meredith Etc, a small press in Jackson, Mississippi.

https://meredithetc.com/ shop now!
Meredith Etc list of book titles

3 thoughts on “Typing Solutions Résumés & Etc

  1. Mrs. McGee,

    Did my Resume she did an excellent job. she will actually take the time to go over your work experience, and give you honest feedback. Made recommendations on what I needed.

    Customer Service & her patience was excellent. I highly recommend this service. You are the best. Thank you again Mrs. McGee.


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