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Meredith Etc (, an online book retailer and a small press, publishes memoirs, autobiographies, biographies, books of poetry, and short story anthologies. Other genres are considered on a case by case basis. The book collection includes 26 print books, 31 ebooks, and 8 audiobooks by 17 authors.

Meredith Coleman McGee is the acquisition editor. She was formerly the acquisition editor of Mose Dantzler Press which published Married to Sin, a memoir which McGee co-authored with Darlene D. Collier, and Casada al Pecado, the Spanish translation of Married to Sin.

Meredith Etc is the home of good books. Browse the site now!$Meredithetc (visit Meredith Etc’s blog and shop now) register

Meredith Etc book titles

MEMOIRS: Mail Cover Letter, Book Proposal, and 2 chapters

AUTOBIOGRAPHIES/BIOGRAPHIES: Mail Cover Letter, Book Proposal, and 2 chapters

BOOKS OF POETRY: Mail Cover Letter, Chapter Outline, and 12 poems

SHORT STORY ANTHOLOGIES: Mail Cover Letter, Book Proposal, and five short stories

Mose Danztler Press is no longer accepting submissions for publication.

Mail author submissions to (include SASE):

Meredith C. McGee, Acquisitions Editor

Meredith Etc ▪ 1052 Maria Court ▪ Jackson, MS 39204

Contact acquisition editor before emailing submissions (book proposal, chapters, poems…)

Lily Darling, a novella, by Malesha Smith LIKE US ON FACEBOOK


The cover letter should include contact information, brief overview of work including genre, number of chapters, poems, or short stories, manuscript page count, previous writing experience, prospective completion time frame, publishing goals, professional writing background…


Please provide a 1-2 page cover letter, a 1-3 page book synopsis, a 500 – 750 word author biography, a one paragraph outline or overview of each chapter, a list of similar or competing titles, a marketing plan or chart, a résumé or vita, and sample writings (two chapters…).

Order Woman Preach Hardback Edition with a Dust Jacket $16.99 plus shipping

Time And After Time Ahead by Robert Joseph Coleman Nashida: Visits Mississippi’s Old Capital Museum

7 thoughts on “Meredith Etc Books

  1. I just signed a contract with Meredith Etc to publish my first book, “Reverse Guilty Plea,” which is forthcoming. I believe It is easier to get your name out if you publish through a press when you are a first time author. William Trest


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