Buy Blog pages

Scan the QR code to pay for a blog page (12 months) which is on $2.33 per month.

Shop Heirs offers Vendor BLOG pages for only $28.00 per year.

Advantage of Shop Heirs Vendor Webpages:

  • Our tech support will design your page free.
  • Webpages may display company brochures, up to four (4) documents, two (2) links, and or payment or donation buttons/links.
  • ~ Webpages include one (1) company logo and up to two (2) pictures (JPEG files etc)
  • ~ Blog pages can be posted on social media sites thereby promoting products/services.
  • ~ Webpage links can be emailed for email marketing campaigns. Buy now. 

Administrator’s email 

Download the BLOG LINK AGREEMENT – complete it, email it back and start promoting your goods or services!! 

Shop Heirs Company Blog pages:

Book Gallery

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