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Get registered to participate in the upcoming Spelling Bee (Grades 1-6), sponsored by the Delta Book Festival. Email organizers to get the Spelling List Study Guide. Get tickets below.

MEMOIRS Cicely Tyson’s Memoir Michele Obama’s Memoir Bobby Rush’s Memoir Barack Obama’s Memoir  Ruth Bade Ginsburg Unbossed and Unbought Shirley Chisholm $16. 99

NONFICTION The Truth Inspirational Hidden Figures  Lead from The Outside Delta Blue Woodrow Wilkins   While Justice Sleeps  Stacey Abrams New Light Warren Dotson  Our Time is Now $12. 80  Mufaro’s Beautiful Daughters $9.80

CHILDREN BOOKS Henry Box Brown Children’s Book  I Ate the Cake $12. 99 Darline Amos Mc Elroy Too Many Tamales

SELF HELP Simple Wisdom for Rich Living $7.99

Book Toasters Series honors Mary Hardy for Women’s History Month, Friday, March 19, 2021

Fri. March 26, 2021 – 2pm to 3pm central time zone – Join us Live on ZoomFacebook Live via the Book Gallery. The Book Gallery features Author/Publisher/Poet Meredith Coleman McGee via the Book Gallery’s Virtual Event. Host – Mary Hardy.

The Book Gallery was founded in 1995 in Greenville, Mississippi.  It evolved as a result of an interest in reading, and sharing our reads with the community, especially students. A book fair invite from a T. L. Weston High School student was accepted. The book fair was held at the school and it was successful. It sparked an interest in reading for many of the students. They shared their excitement with the presenters of the Book Fair. Afterwards the Book Gallery opened and has been in the area since, serving as conduit for Book Signings, Author Readings, Poets, and a place for cultural conversations.

Mary Hardy, Bookseller$MHardy47

Book Gallery, Independent Bookstore

647 S. Theolbald St.

Greenville, MS 38703


Mary Hardy presents the History of Book Marketing live on Zoom via the Virtual History Speaking Series


4 thoughts on “Book Gallery

  1. Thanks you for sharing the good news about the Book Gallery. It is still surviving as a reading, writing, and cultural resource for the Delta community. The Book Gallery provides a cozy reading atmosphere for all ages.

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