Changing our community – one book at a time!

My A to GWelcome to the Community Library Initiative of Jackson, Mississippi’s blog page. 

Community Library Initiative

This initiative was launched by a group of educational advocates in Jackson, Mississippi seeking to create community led library programming designed to increase literacy and the love for reading among preschoolers and school age children in Jackson, Mississippi and the Metropolitan area. please complete our * * * * * SURVEY

Buy print copies of My 1 to 5 Activity Book $5.99

Download an eBook $2.99

My A to G Activity Book eBook $2.99

My A to G Activity Book  print edition $5.99

All book proceeds support the planning and building funds for the Community Library Initiative of Jackson, Mississippi.

Support our cause by:

  1. Completing a survey
  2. Buying one of the My First Book Series for a child in your family or community
  3. Liking our Facebook page
  4. Sharing our blog/Facebook page or the Survey with people in your network Like our Facebook page


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